The Great Western Greenway is an old disused train line which was converted to an off road cycling track and officially opened in 2011. It starts in our favourite place to live, Westport, and ends in Achill Island. It passes through two small towns, Newport and Mulranny and the whole journey is without a doubt a feast for the eyes. Each section of the track offers it’s own unique landscape. From Westport to Newport you pass over rivers and bridges and it has a slightly woodland feel about it while as you move onto the Newport to Muranny section it is wide open fields and greenery as far as the eyes can see. Finally as you get closer to the Achill Island you reach the coastal part of the journey, overlooking the Wild Atlantic as you finish up in Achill. Now were not going to lie, it’s one heck of a cycle, 42km is still a decent ride so be prepared.